• Professor Bogomil Nikolov
    Professor Bogomil Nikolov
  • Christian Terziev
    Christian Terziev
  • Denitsa Dimitrova
    Denitsa Dimitrova
  • Rada Dimitrova
    Rada Dimitrova
  • Ilia Boyarov
    Ilia Boyarov
  • Mariana Petkova
    Mariana Petkova
  • Ivan Georgiev
    Ivan Georgiev
  • Ivan Vassilev
    Ivan Vassilev
  • Ivona Nacheva
    Ivona Nacheva
  • Olga Cholakova
    Olga Cholakova
  • Zlatin Orlov
    Zlatin Orlov
  • Poster Dialogue
    Poster Dialogue

Medallic Sculpture Studio at the National Academy of Art in Sofia, Bulgaria